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Welcome to MEL! Here you will learn everything about growing online and creating a deep connection with your followers. It's not about the number of followers, but about the quality of your content and your followers to make sales using Social Media ...

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Why should you choose for MEL?


Welcome to MEL! Here you will learn everything about creating a successful online business and how to use social media in the right way. A lot of people think it's all about the number of followers or likes, and this is definitely not the case!


With 5000 followers I (Merijn) managed to earn a full-time salary and this is because I am deeply interested in entrepreneurship, marketing, sales, and personal branding. I was going to apply this properly with real life application in the social media landscape.


There are a lot of people who have 100K + followers and can't make a living from this (to put it in perspective).

With our first online course 'Social Media PT Course' we focus on the fitness industry. In the future there will be other online courses for different industries related to social media, so keep an eye on our page!


At the moment many personal trainers have lost their jobs due to the corona crisis and this is where our initiative started to help these people make the shift from offline to online.


This does not mean that you already have to be a personal trainer. You can already start growing on social media to make sales with this in the future and to build your personal brand.


This online course is for anyone interested in learning how to really grow and use social media to make an impact, help others, and actually make money in the fitness industry.

It does not matter whether you are interested in bodybuilding, cross-fit, competition preparation, lifestyle coaching, diet, etc.


We will teach you the tools and mindset you need to achieve success through social media. It is crucial to do this. There are so many opportunities online right now and this will only increase..


It is time to take action and learn the right tools and mindset for growing your online business!


Turn your passion into profit

My name is Merijn and I have been an entrepreneur since I was 19 years old. I have an obsession with online business, social media and fitness. I combined all these factors and that's how I started working on this at a young age.

When I was 19 I followed the study “Commercial Economics”. I thought I was going to learn here how to become successful in business. This was a very disappointing event.

I soon discovered that the world of entrepreneurship and especially online business is a profession in its own right. This world is moving fast and you have to be constantly up to date. You don't learn this in the books, but from people who actually have experience with it.

I was declared crazy when I started using social media and posted videos of myself on the internet to help others and create my dream job. I had a vision to make it big and to do something other than what is accepted by society.

I switched my mindset and just started. I gave my all to become successful in this, even though few people believed in this. I started to study online business, sales, marketing, and personal branding. Social media has been the most important factor in this, and that is why we have made the choice to start first with the Social Media PT Course!

About Merijn

  • Merijn travels the world while making money with his passion.

  • He has helped thousands of people achieve their dream body through 1 on 1 online coaching.

  • TedX talk about “Create Your Own Luck”.

  • Merijn has been a guest speaker on “entrepreneurship” at the same university he dropped out of.

  • Speaks at events in different countries to talk about online business and social media.

  • My Shredded Lifestyle, a best-selling book with raving reviews and ratings.

  • Won Awards for Best Social Man & Best Fitness YouTube Channel.

  • Featured on the cover of Men’s Health magazine 2020.

What are you going to learn?

All chapters at a glance ...

Chapter 1: Welcome
Consists of an extensive video of what you can expect from the course and what you will learn.

Chapter 2: It's not about the number of followers
A short video with an extensive ebook in which you learn the mindset that more followers do not mean more sales.

Chapter 3: Plan of action
Video in which Merijn explains a plan of action on how best to start your own business on social media. And an ebook with a step-by-step plan to clarify your goals.

Chapter 4: Offline VS Online
Short video + extensive ebook about why you should go online NOW.

Chapter 5: Storytelling
Video and ebook about how storytelling is the key to sales and credibility.

Chapter 6: Find your niche
Extensive video on finding YOUR niche and its importance.

Chapter 7: Delivering Value
Extensive video about delivering value and long-term thinking.

Chapter 8: Social proof
Video + extensive ebook on how to use social proof for your business.

Chapter 9: Instagram
Extensive ebook with all the tactics and tools that Merijn has learned about Instagram in 7 years.

Chapter 10: Facebook
Ebook about what you should do at FB for your online business during this time

Chapter 11: YouTube
Video and extensive ebook on all YouTube tactics. Of course told and written by Merijn!

Chapter 12: Sales
The methods to make online sales on Social Media in a fun way.

Chapter 13: Community
How do you build a strong online community that supports you and your company?

Chapter 14: Brand deals & sponsorships
A nice extra if, in addition to your online business, you can also get brand deals or sponsorships. Merijn tells you how!

Chapter 15: The end
Some insights in the future courses from MEL and their mission to bring your business to the next level.

All Knowledge In 1 System


β˜‘οΈ The Social Media Course consists of 15 chapters packed with videos and ebooks

β˜‘οΈ Content can be followed on all available devices

β˜‘οΈ Lifetime access to the purchased content

β˜‘οΈ Course will be upgraded over time to the latest information from the market

β˜‘οΈ No vague theories, but ready-to-use information that is applied in real life

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Merijn Schoeber

Merijn is a social media beast! He has managed to build up a whole following and community on his own and learned the tactics and strategies to convert your following into long term sales!

Social Media Course

Note: To monitor the quality of our course and the community, we allow a maximum of 100 new students to register per month.

Social Media Course


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  • 15 chapters with videos and e-books
  • Lifetime access
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